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About Us

About Us

At "The Financial Doctors", we perform technical analysis as a core part of our job. We are the financial technical analyst in Futures Markets, specialises in MCX, NCDEX, Futures & Options and International Commodities Market (CME). Started as "Financial Experts" in 2001, the name later was changed to “The Financial Doctors" in 2003. Initially, the firm dealt in Equities alone, but later in 2005, the firm extended its interest in Commodity & Futures Markets, and since then, it is engaged in these fields. 
Our job revolves around researching and producing unique and exceptional theories and results in commodity and futures market. Interestingly, we have succeeded in formulating unique, successful theories and formulas which we believe can revolutionise the investment risk management in commodities and futures market for short, medium and long-term investments.   

 ¬ What is The Financial Doctors all about?     

The Financial Doctors work as the technical analyst for different types of investors.
It provides its services in making financial technical analysis of varieties of underlying assets traded in commodity and futures market. The fundamental objective of the Financial Doctors is to disseminate productive research and related information for investors in its network globally. To achieve this goal, we at The Financial Doctors believe in Financial Literacy among Young Indians and investors to boost the economy on all perspective. 

¬ Why should you prefer The Financial Doctors?

We at The Financial Doctors believes in quality and efficiency in our work. Financial Literacy can be critical in today's volatile market condition and to overcome this challenge, The Financial Doctors provides its research-based tutorial services which can be very useful for Fundamental and Technical Analysis of the commodities and futures market with accuracy in its technical results with an exceptional ‘Risk to Reward Ratio’.
What requires by investors in any Financial Firm is accuracy in results by taking into consideration all factors which affect investors decision in markets while trading.
The Financial Doctors specifically work to give its clients and investors a platform where high accuracy investment decision can be made with detailed analysis of all factors and which can be profitable for the investors. 

¬ How to make the best and most efficient use of the investment?

Effective use of investment can only be done by pooling one's money into different Investments avenues which are able to give high returns on investment. 
Diversification of Funds is very necessary for every kind of investment. But one can diversify its funds only when one have detailed analysis and research of factors that can affect the return on our investment.
The Financial Doctors believe in providing detailed analysis and research-based approach to its client so that their financial goals can be achieved with high accuracy and better return.
Don't be afraid to take advantage of opportunities that might seem stressful at first. The more things you put on your plate, the more confused you will feel. Don't be afraid to reach out to as many options as you can because here we are "The Financial Doctors" to provide you with the best financial expertise.
We believe - positive anything is better than negative thinking.

The Director

Graduated from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (KUK) with a Degree in Finance, Mr Rajinder Kalra, is an experienced technical analyst in MCX, Equities and International Commodities Market. He grasped the knowledge of the financial environment from Religare Securities Ltd. as he worked for a tenure of 2 years in the prestigious firm and then decided to pave a path for this advanced financial and commodity solutions firm in 2001.