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Commodity and Futures Markets are the most popular & profitable investment options in recent times. ‘High volatility’ and ‘Wild swings’ are the main features of these markets. If traded with effective proper knowledge, these markets serve as a good Short & Long Term Investment option.
The Financial Doctors has been serving for last 14 years as one of the most prominent Financial Technical Analysts in various commodity and futures markets all over the world. We are constantly researching and producing unique and exceptional theories and results in commodities and futures market which we believe can revolutionize the investment risk management in commodities and futures market for short, medium and long term scenarios.   

Exciting and innovative things happen in the commodity and futures market each day. These events in their wake bring new opportunities and these are yours if you are well informed. We provide Technical and Financial Tutorial Service to avail the best investment opportunity in commodity and futures market at the most Affordable Prices.


Join The Financial Doctors in our Live Virtual Trade Desk and interact in REAL-TIME! This live trading room is moderated by The Financial Doctors experts and encourages the fluid exchange of market ideas and actionable opportunities. This service is designed to provide a High Impact and Interactive Experience. Invest Better Together! 

The Bursting Setup Tutorial Subscription Packs Are:

Rs. 6000 / $88
Rs. 9000 / $133
Rs. 27000 / $399

(Available On Request Only)

Disclaimer: The Tutorial is meant for Educational and Training Purpose in Live Market Conditions. 
It does not reflect any real or original transaction or trade. This is just to experience actual like feeling and results, if it had been traded. The information for trade is based upon personal calculation and experience, thus verify before actual trades, purpose is to make you experience the real like, but not actual.

The Financial Doctors believes in Financial Literacy among Young Indians and investors to boost the economy on all perspective. We, at The Financial Doctors, gives
 you the opportunity to ask Financial Technical Query in respect to any Stock, Commodities And Currency in the Ask The Financial Doctors section.

The Financial Doctors will answer your query within 24 hours with a Brief Technical Analysis for Short and Long Term Scenario.