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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Financial Doctors is committed to safeguarding the personal information that you provide to us. This Privacy Policy describes how we manage and protect the personal information we collect about individuals and entities who apply for or receive trials and/or paid subscriptions to our products and services. The provisions of this notice apply to former as well as current trial recipients and active subscribing members.


When you apply for a trial or subscribe to our products and services, The Financial Doctors collects information about you. Information collected may include all or a portion of the following:  name, email, address, referring  agent/broker, trading experience, your brokerage firm, platforms used, credit card details, demographic details and any responses to questions found on our web forms, digital and paper documents or those verbally communicated to us.


This information may be collected by The Financial Doctors from the consumer, brokerage firm, clearing firm, or relevant affiliates with whom we collaborate for mutual customers. The information may be obtained through online registration forms, email, paper documents, verbal communication, marketing partners, affiliates, and other means used throughout the course of our business.


Information is collected by The Financial Doctors to ensure timely delivery of our products, support of members, and collection of payments for active subscriptions. Your credit card payment details are kept strictly confidential and encrypted whenever possible. Our website payment processing is provided through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate enabling secure eCommerce, communications, and interactions when purchasing our products via the Internet and our websites. For many of our products, we outsource payment processing to 3rd party companies with which we make a best effort to ensure deploy similar privacy policy standards pertaining to the handling of your personal information in order to perform their services.


We may share personal information with our affiliates and qualified partners for business purposes, such as servicing customer subscriptions and informing customers about new products and services, and as permitted by applicable law. This does not include your credit card payment information, except in instances whereas an affiliate is providing a service whereas such details are a prerequisite to their function. Our affiliates may be companies such as 3rd party software providers, technology providers, brokerage firms, futures commission merchants, broker-dealers, advertisers, marketing agencies, and any other outside entities that we deem necessary to support or potentially enhance the customer experience and value.


The Financial Doctors does allow for select affiliates to advertise their services on our website or through electronic mediums such as email and other digital avenues (i.e. webinars, banners, etc). Prior to inquiring on our affiliates' advertising or registering for more information, you should carefully review their respective Privacy Policies as we cannot perpetually police changing policies of external companies. Our advertising affiliates reserve the right to contact you in response to your inquiries. While we do our best to work with affiliates that we believe are reputable, The Financial Doctors may not be held responsible for the business practices of our advertisers. If you encounter a negative experience with one of our affiliates, we kindly ask that you CONTACT US to report the matter.


Our websites may use Cookies. This is to keep track of preferences and to better tailor our sites to the visitor's needs while providing the most effective service to our clients and prospective clients. Information that may be collected by such Cookies for the purpose of traffic auditing and analyzing trends may include but are not limited to IP Address, internal session ID, user's domain, type of internet browser, and domain or websites visited.


Access to the internal information is limited and only available to authorized employees serving a function within the scope of our operations.


Deleting or deactivating refers to the process by which personally identifiable information is remove upon request. Because of backups and records of deletions, it may be impossible to delete a consumer's entry without some residual information residing on our servers or those of our affiliates who already have the information. An individual who requests deletion or deactivation will be functionally deleted on a best effort basis. We will not intentionally sell, transfer, or use the information relating to a deleted individual in any way. To request deletion of your account and information, please CONTACT US.


Personal information collected by The Financial Doctors may be corrected or updated by contacting us directly with such requests. We are not responsible for any negative effects that may result from a customer's failure to keep us informed of new contact information and details pertaining to their account, billing, subscription or any other information associated with a customer record. CONTACT US to request your information is updated.


In the event that there is a change in the privacy practices of The Financial Doctors, our active customers will be contacted via the email address of record. You may also refer back to this page to periodically review our Privacy Policy.


The Financial Doctors and associated companies and website aim to abide by the laws and guidelines of the Internet. We welcome any questions or inquiries about our Privacy Policy. Simply CONTACT US to submit your remarks.