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Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

It is our goal at The Financial Doctors to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them and earn your confidence as a long-term customer. To achieve that, we must properly set your expectations regarding our products and services. Please carefully review the information found below regarding General Disclaimers, Terms of Use and Our Cancellation Policy.


All users, trial recipients, and subscribers acknowledge the Terms of Use contained herein by their engagement with our website(s) and The Financial Doctors. These terms apply to the user relationship with (referred to as "The Financial Doctors") and any other associated websites or D/B/A ("doing business as") entities that may not be specifically referenced.

The Financial Doctors provides subscription-based educational services through various technical charting software, electronic mediums, digital newsletters, on-demand videos and live training. However, it DOES NOT advise its clients or any other persons to buy or sell positions in securities, commodities, forex or any financial markets. The Financial Doctors aims to empower its clients through education to confidently make their own independent trading decisions. The information that The Financial Doctors provides to trial recipients and customers is solely for educational purposes only and is not intended to affect or influence the value of any financial markets whatsoever. 

The Financial Doctors, nor any associated companies are registered broker and does not provide any recommendations to any client regarding their financial suitability to trade. Under no circumstances shall The Financial Doctors be held liable to any visitor, user, and/or any 3rd party for any financial losses, forfeited opportunities, indirect, special, incident, consequential, punitive, or any other damages whatsoever. Users of The Financial Doctors products engage the products and services at their own risk. The Financial Doctors assumes no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies, misstatements, errors, or fabrications contained within any documents, data, materials, and website pages either through error or negligence. All information is provided solely as a courtesy to visitors. Trading involves a substantial risk of loss and the user of The Financial Doctors products and services bears all of those risks and may not hold The Financial Doctors, or any associated companies responsible for any trading losses derived from directly or indirectly relying upon the products and services for trading decisions. Customers use products and services at their own risk with no claims of ignorance to the risks associated in trading to be made regarding any disputes pertaining to the products and services.


Trial recipients and subscribers may use the products and services for private use only and may not redistribute or display their charting with The Financial Doctors products in any format including but not limited to:  print media, trading rooms, screen projection, webinars, live presentations, email, and any other means without written consent of The Financial Doctors. There may be no attempts to reverse engineer any of the algorithms or logic that are utilized in the creation of The Financial Doctors products. Trial recipients may also not abuse our trial periods by intentionally misleading The Financial Doctors through the use of alias emails, multiple email addresses aimed at providing the appearance being different individuals when in fact the owner of such email addresses are deemed to be the same individual. We reserve the right to terminate access without notice and refuse service if breach of this agreement is found or at our discretion. The Financial Doctors reserves the right to pursue to the fullest extent allowable by law for damages assessed and lost revenue.

All monthly recurring subscribers to The Financial Doctors products, educational resources, and services as distributed by The Financial Doctors require the customer to submit payment by credit card on our website purchase pages or through bank account transfers or through any third party payment portal. The client must carefully review the billing terms of the subscription (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually, or customized terms) as well as confirm the products purchased are the intended products for purchase.

All sales are final. There are no full or prorated refunds offered regardless of usage under any circumstances. The Financial Doctors and associated companies reserves the right to terminate or alter any and all subscription and product offerings as it deems necessary. Should The Financial Doctors elect to no longer offer the products to the public altogether, this right is retained as well. In such cases, The Financial Doctors will cancel all recurring billing for any products affected by the execution of such right.


For all subscriptions that are automatic recurring subscriptions will continue to charge the customer indefinitely until the The Financial Doctors Help Desk receives a change or subscription cancellation request directly from the customer via email to Cancellation requests must be received a minimum of three (3) days BEFORE the automatic billing renewal date. Note that all requests are only confirmed as received after an email response is sent to the customer acknowledging the request. In the absence of a reply from The Financial Doctors to acknowledge the request, the customer is responsible for calling our office at +91-9872340105 to verbally place the request.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to be aware of their automatic billing renewal date. If a customer is not aware of their billing renewal date, they should contact the The Financial Doctors to seek clarification. No claims of ignorance regarding billing dates will be deemed valid.

If you are unclear regarding the above stated Disclaimers, Terms of Use, and Cancellation Policy we kindly ask that you refrain from  purchasing or  using the products and seek clarification on matters you do not understand. Your purchase and usage of the product affirms your understanding and acceptance of these matters as well as our Member Lease Agreement.