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At The Financial Doctors, apart from our core job, we believe in Financial Literacy among Young Indians and Investors to boost the economy on all perspective. We organise various Financial Markets Technical Analysis & Trading Internships and Almost Free Live Market Advanced Training Programs for Indian and Non-Indian Financial Markets Technical Analysis aspirants to train them to compete in the most competent markets in the World. We want to do what others have not tried in the Indian Subcontinent in the Trading Education space, we want to provide a practical real market space for all Aspirant Traders and Financial Analysts in the Subcontinent to develop the following skills:

  • Developing Financial Technical Analysis Skills in Indian and International Commodity, Forex and Stock Markets.
  • Learning Practical Trading Skills in Real Time Live Markets.
  • Innovating New Trading Strategies and Indicators with Exceptional Probability.
  • Developing Trading Psychology & Risk Management Skills.
  • Using Fundamental Technical Analysis Skills.
  • Playing with Technical Advanced Indicators to Create Unique Profitable Researches.
  • Developing Chart Interpretation Skills to pull out Important Message from Market Forces in Real Time.

Some people believe Financial Technical Analysis is all about Mathematics or Economics. But IT IS NOT. Even a person with very basic knowledge of Financial Markets can Learn and be a Master. To give equal learning opportunity to all the aspirants, we train interns from various domains including Science, Medical, Finance, Commerce and Humanities to compete in The Most Challenging Markets of the world including Forex Markets, through Intense Practical Training and Simulator Trading Activities. During these programmes, we start from ZERO and take it to ADVANCED for everybody to get along.

Are you as Passionate as we are to Dream of creating an Eco-system for Aspiring Traders in the Indian Subcontinent and across the world? Do you believe in what we are doing and do you believe as we believe that 'The Financial Doctors' will Redefine the 'Trading Education Space' in the subcontinent? Finally, do you Love what we are doing as an End user, as a Fan, as a Friend? Would you like to be a Part of this Venture? If your Answer to all the questions is a BIG YES, send us your profile, to

Who Can Collaborate?

Let’s face it. Most affiliate and partner programs in the industry ask you to do all the work — so they reap all the rewards. At The Financial Doctors, we turn that on its head. Why? Because we’ve discovered, the better you treat your partners, the more everyone prospers.

That’s not all that makes our partner programs unique!

  • Company & Startup: Size does not matter for us, but creativity does. If you fancy an edge in the market, we will be pleased to have you as our partner. You won’t be shunned because your list is too small. Only have 250, 500 or 1,000 people in your network? No problem. We’ll give you the same attention which our partners with 50,000+ subscribers get.

  • College Finance Society: We know the importance of creativity and practical exposure in the field of Financial Market Technical Analysis. Mere “watching videos” is not sufficient until the concepts are practically applied in the challenging live markets. Using traditional standard techniques can not be profitable until they are modified enough for the current evolved markets. Breaking all the cliches, we want to ignite the fire of financial literacy among Indian youth and aspiring traders. We organise various Internships cum Practical Training Programmes for Financial Market Technical Analysis & Charts Interpretation for college students of all streams. If you have the stock market / financial market enthusiasts in your college, we’d love to collaborate with your college to enrol students for such programmes.

  • College Investment Club & Society: Live Field Exposure & Real Trading Experience is certainly the most important part of learning in the field of Financial Markets. But due to Social and/or Financial reasons, only less than 2% aspirants are actually able to pursue it during the learning stage. To counter this, we are opening Financial Markets Trading Clubs (in collaboration with Finance & Investment Clubs) in colleges all over India. The club will have its own Live Markets Practical Training Facility (to be provided by The Financial Doctors), Real Money Mini Hedge Fund (to be supervised by The Financial Doctors Mentors), Guest Lectures by Leading Traders & Analysts, In-college paid trading internships etc. If you have stock market enthusiasts in your college, we'd love to collaborate with your club/society to open such club in your college.

  • College Internship & Placement Cell: The Financial Doctors hire Interns and Trainees for various Financial Markets Positions through On and Off Campus Recruitment Drives. We have also collaborated with various top institutions including IITs and IIMs for Live Projects in Financial Markets.

We value the opportunity to grow our businesses together. If you have questions about becoming The Financial Doctors Partner, please email to get the conversation started and you'll be hearing from our management shortly.