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Monday, January 25, 2016

Technical Research | Bursting Setup

Bursting Setup

"The Breakout Technique”

Every day, as a trader, we notice certain events in the market, when stock or commodity prices suddenly Burst Away in certain direction after breaking a certain price level.

MCX CrudeOil – 15 Minutes

No matter how many colourful technical indicators we use, 9 out of 10 times we miss this one-side heavy fluctuation. No matter how many hours we invest throughout the day in technical analysis and reading markets, but we often end up with Early Exits or Stop Loss. This is a common issue for every investor in the markets.

BankNifty – 60 Minutes
We at The Financial Doctors have researched and developed a breakout technique called Bursting Setup.

Bursting Theory states -
Before every major breakout, the market consolidates between certain price levels called The Price Walls, with Declining Volume Pattern and Other Proprietary Parameters. As the market breaks The Price Walls, it gets a Breakout in the destined direction.
MCX Lead – 120  Minutes
In coming days, we’ll spot such setups in real time and post it here at The Financial Doctors. Stay Tuned.

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